A Thousand Roaring Beasts: Display Devices for a Critical Modernity | Marcel Van Eeden
Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo - Seville

In the 20th century, exhibitions gradually evolved into devices for producing subjectivities, experiences and discourses. The various formulas for presenting artworks to the public not only exhibited artistic creations but also constructed narratives that were contaminated by the prevailing ideologies of the day. In recent years, many contemporary artists have shown an interest in critically examining aspects of exhibitionary phenomena, with a keen awareness of the weight of history and the mechanisms of fiction. Their thoughtful work with collections, museums and exhibitions of bygone eras attempts to visibilize some of the silences, misunderstandings or undeveloped possibilities of writings from the past. The exhibition A Thousand Roaring Beasts: Display Devices for a Critical Modernity addresses three areas where these intersections can be observed.

Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de Las Cuevas
2, Camino de los Descubrimientos
41092 Seville SPAIN

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